What is Digiteal?


Digiteal is a free personal assistant that optimizes the management and the payment of your invoices in one place.

Invoice issuer or invitation to pay?

Whether you are an independent or a multinational, Digiteal is an innovative channel to present your outgoing invoices electronically to your customers, which is much more effective than sending by email.

For more information, visit www.digiteal.eu.

Is Digiteal certified by the Belgian National Bank?

Yes it is, as you can read on the BNB website where you will find Teal IT SA (Digiteal being its commercial name).

This certification is mandatory to operate as a payment institution and to show you that you can trust Digiteal to proceed to the payment of your invoices.

Why opt for Digiteal?

As a citizen or SME, Digiteal allows you to manage your bills more easily. You will receive a notification for each new invoice, nice reminders to avoid paying late and you can even set your own automatic payment rules to no longer have to check each recurring invoice and focus on those that are unusual.

As an issuer of bills or calls to pay, Digiteal allows you to save money while providing better service to your customers.

Is the Digiteal service safe?

Digiteal est basé sur l’infrastructure d’Amazon Web Service et utilise des certificats de sécurité SSL pour protéger ses connexions.

Quand vous vous inscrivez sur Digiteal, nous vous invitons à utiliser un mot de passe de 7 caractères minimum afin d’augmenter votre protection. Vous devrez également confirmer que vous êtes bien le propriétaire de l’adresse email renseignée.

Quand vous vous connectez à Digiteal en utilisant vos identifiants, vous rentrez dans un environnement sécurisé où vous pouvez retrouver vos factures et les fournisseurs partenaires. Vous décidez alors vous-mêmes de quels fournisseurs vous voulez recevoir vos documents électroniquement. Ces fournisseurs ont été vérifiés par nos soins avant de pouvoir vous envoyer des factures. Vous êtes donc en permanence sûrs que les factures ont bien été émises par votre fournisseur.

L’enregistrement des données et des documents sur Digiteal se fait exclusivement dans un Datacenter européen en Allemagne.

La confidentialité de vos données est garantie comme vous pouvez le lire dans nos conditions générales.

What is the difference between Digiteal and other invoice presentment solutions?

There are different ways to receive your bills.

Paper :

This is the only way to receive all your invoices by the same channel, that is to say by mail. You must, however, have time to encode and pay, space to archive these bills, and possibly time to find them … not to mention the ecological impact.

With Digiteal, you do not need all this, everything is done online automatically and ecologically.


At first, it’s easy. Your bill arrives in your email inbox. Unfortunately, it is sometimes lost in your spam or among the mass of email you receive. You must each time check who sent you an invoice and if the email belongs to this company otherwise you may pay a fraudulent invoice.

In Digiteal, you can not receive spam because we check the authenticity of the supplier who wants to send you an invoice for each issue. You are sure that the invoice received is genuine, and you can pay without doubting.


Your invoices are only available in your banking environment. This implies that to access your bills, you must use your Digipass (if your bank provides you with one). With Zoomit, you must also have your own archiving solution since invoices are not archived in Zoomit. Finally, if you want to pay with someone else’s account, send invoices to your accountant, automate some payments while still in control, ZoomIt is not the solution for you.

Is Digiteal free?

Digiteal is free for citizens and advantageous for invoice issuers.

It is therefore the issuer that offers its customers access to their Digiteal personal assistant. A great motivation to go digital!

Our offers for invoice issuers are described here.

Are there additional costs?

The service is free for citizens.

For issuers, our price offers are described in a transparent manner here. There are no hidden costs and other surprises. To get an estimate of the savings you could make with Digiteal, we invite you to use our Cost Savings Form.

Integrating Digiteal into your billing system can lead to special integration costs. We offer free integrations in Google Docs and Odoo for example but other integrations may be paid depending on the billing system you use. Go to the page describing the available integrations.

I had a problem with my computer, have I lost all my data?

Your data is stored on Amazon’s European servers. They are not linked to your computer. If your computer is lost, stolen or damaged, your bills are always safe in your electronic safe.

Is the support planned / included?

Si la réponse à votre question n’est pas dans cette FAQ, vous pouvez poser des questions par email en contactant support@digiteal.atlassian.net. Nous complèterons cette FAQ en fonction de vos questions.

Pour les questions techniques, veuillez les addresser à dev.support@digiteal.eu.

Pour un support particulier personnalisé, nous vous proposons des services à un coût supplémentaire. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter sur hello@digiteal.eu.

How to open an account?

To use Digiteal, simply register in our web application or install Digiteal on your smartphone.

How do i sign up?

To register, please go to app.digiteal.eu.

If you register as a customer, all you need is an email account. If you are a business/biller, you will need to enter more details, such as company name, business number, email address, etc.

We verify the identity of the issuer which allows the citizen to be sure of the authenticity of each invoice he receives, unlike invoices sent by mail or email.

How are my bills archived?

We archive all documents for 10 years at no extra cost.

If necessary, you can also save them to your preferred media (hard disk, usb, etc.).

I linked with my supplier in Digiteal, why did I still receive an invoice by mail / email?

You always receive your bill in some form, whether paper or digital.

When you connect to a supplier in Digiteal, he will send you the next invoice he produces from Digiteal. However, it is possible that an invoice that has been produced has not yet been delivered to you. You may receive an invoice via a channel other than Digiteal even after you have linked to your provider in Digiteal.

The next bill will be good!

How can I be sure that the bill is really from my supplier?

The suppliers present on Digiteal are validated by our teams on the basis of the documents provided to us. We also check their banking identity.

If you want to check yourself, you can search who owns the bank account that is present in the payment details. You will discover that it is indeed that of your supplier.

I have already paid my bill but it is marked as "to pay", why?

Digiteal is not connected to your banking system. The advantage is that access to your bills does not require the use of a Digipass: you access your bills much faster. The “mark as paid” and “mark as to be paid” buttons let you sort your bills once you have made the payment, just as you would on paper.

You can also comment your invoices with simple text. This allows you to keep track of what you are doing while staying in control of your actions.

Digiteal’s secure page is not displayed

You can recognize secure pages in Digiteal using the prefix ‘https://‘ preceded by a lock in the address bar.

Digiteal uses the secure HTTPS protocol. All your data is encrypted securely and you are the only person who has access to your data.

Sometimes the Digiteal secure page is not displayed.

There can be different reasons for that:

        •    Changing your browser settings (add-ons, plug-ins, etc.), your firewall, your proxy settings, or your antivirus software?
        •    Is your computer clock always on time? Is the date correct?
        •  Have you tried emptying your cache?

If you still can not access Digiteal after checking all these points, you can try to connect from another computer and see if it works.

It is likely that your computer has a problem. Do not hesitate to ask us a question in case you have a problem at support@digiteal.atlassian.net. We are here to help you.

Delete automatically saved passwords

Your credentials can be saved on your computer so you do not have to enter them yourself each time you sign in. This is done depending on the configuration of your web browser. If you no longer want your login data to be saved, for example because other people are also using your computer, you should delete this information in your browser.

The method to delete cookies depends on the type of browser you are using.

Add Digiteal to your trusted websites

Ajouter Digiteal à vos sites Web de confiance

Une fois connecté à Digiteal, vous évoluez dans un environnement sécurisé et fiable. Vous pouvez donc ajouter sans crainte Digiteal à vos sites Web de confiance. Autrement dit, aucun scan lourd n’est effectué pour vérifier si vous pouvez ouvrir le site Web dans votre navigateur. Cette démarche améliore et accélère le fonctionnement de Digiteal.

La méthode à adopter pour ajouter Digiteal à vos sites Web de confiance dépend du type de navigateur que vous utilisez.

Si vous ne connaissez pas votre navigateur, vous pouvez demander à un ami ou cliquer ici.

Ci-dessous, vous retrouvez la marche à suivre pour chacun des navigateurs suivants:

        • Google Chrome
        • Internet Explorer
        • Firefox
        • Safari
        • Opera

Ajouter Digiteal aux sites Web de confiance dans Chrome

        •       Cliquez dans le coin supérieur droit de votre navigateur sur l’icône avec les bandes ou l’engrenage.
        •       Choisissez ensuite ‘Paramètres’, allez dans le bas de la page et cliquez sur le lien ‘Afficher les paramètres avancés’ (couleur bleu).
        •       Cherchez l’onglet ‘Réseau’ et cliquez sous cet onglet sur la touche ‘Modifier les paramètres du proxy’.
        •       Dans la fenêtre qui s’ouvre, cliquez sur l’onglet ‘Sécurité’ puis sur ‘Sites Web de Confiance’ choisissez la touche ‘Sites Web’.
        •       Vous pouvez ajouter l’URL app.digiteal.eu, cliquer sur ‘Ajouter’ et cocher ‘Exiger un serveur sécurisé’.

Ajouter Digiteal aux sites Web de confiance dans Internet Explorer

        •       Choisissez ‘Outils’ dans Internet Explorer (ou ALT + X). Choisissez ensuite ‘Options Internet’.
        •       Dans la fenêtre qui s’ouvre, cliquez sur l’onglet ‘Sécurité’ puis sur ‘Sites Web de Confiance’ choisissez la touche ‘Sites Web’.
        •       Vous pouvez ajouter l’URL app.digiteal.eu, cliquer sur ‘Ajouter’ et cocher ‘Exiger un serveur sécurisé’.

Ajouter Digiteal aux sites Web de confiance dans Firefox

        •       Sélectionnez l’option ‘Outils’ dans le coin supérieur droit du menu Firefox.
        •       Cliquez sur ‘Options’ et choisissez ensuite l’onglet ‘Confidentialité’.
        •       Choisissez l’option ‘Utiliser des paramètres adaptés pour l’historique’ dans la liste de la section ‘Historique’.
        •       Cliquez sur la touche ‘Exceptions’, tapez l’URL app.digiteal.eu et cliquez ensuite sur ‘Autoriser’.
        •       Cliquez enfin sur la touche ‘Fermer’.

Ajouter Digiteal aux sites Web de confiance dans Safari

        •       Sélectionnez l’option ‘Modifier’ dans le menu Safari.
        •       Choisissez ‘Préférences’ et ensuite le pictogramme ‘Sécurité’.
        •       Cliquez sur ‘Uniquement des sites que je visite’.
        •       Fermez la fenêtre en cliquant sur le X dans le coin supérieur droit.

Ajouter Digiteal aux sites Web de confiance dans Opera

  • À partir du menu, allez dans Réglages > Préférences > Avancées > Sécurité.
  • Cliquez sur le bouton “Sites web de confiance”.
  • Choisissez l’onglet voulu : Extensions ou Hôtes internes sécurisés
  • Cliquez sur “Ajouter” et entrez l’URL app.digiteal.eu . Vous pouvez aussi éditer ou supprimer des sites de la liste.

How to take a screenshot in Digiteal?

How to take a screenshot in Digiteal?

Taking a screenshot (screenshot or screen printing) is like taking a picture of what’s on your screen. This can be useful for showing someone what you see on the screen, such as a certain type of error message. In addition, you can use a screenshot to send not all, but part of a document.

The way you create a screenshot depends on the type of operating system you are using.


        •       You will find the ‘Print Screen’ or ‘Prt Scn’ key (or a similar abbreviation) on your computer keyboard.
        •       After pressing this key, nothing happens at first sight. It’s normal. You can now open the Word or Paint program.
        •       Then press the CTRL + V keys simultaneously (Hold down the CTRL key). The capture of your screen now appears in Paint or Word.
        •       You can then edit it as needed, save it and send it to us.


        •       The Command ⌘ + Shift + 3 key combination creates a snapshot of your entire screen, which is then saved to a file on your desktop.

How can I print my bill?

All your documents are kept for 10 years on our European server.

Sometimes you need to print an invoice. Simply display the invoice and start printing. The invoice is in the “document” tab once you have clicked an invoice in your invoice list.

You can also save the document to a USB stick and take it with you to print elsewhere.

How do I know when I received a new invoice on Digiteal?

You will receive an e-mail each time a new document has been sent to you by Digiteal. This e-mail is sent to the e-mail address entered when you registered with Digiteal.

If you use the Digiteal mobile app, you will receive a notification.

What is the meaning of the ’mark as paid’ buttons?

Digiteal allows you to organize your invoices. If you have not paid your bill through Digiteal, it will not appear as paid automatically.

You can click on “mark as paid” in Digiteal to remember that you actuall

How can I pay my bills in Digiteal?

Digiteal clearly provides you with the information required to pay the invoice: The amount, the account number, the due date and the payment reference.

Digiteal also displays the European QR code which makes it possible to initiate an electronic transfer without having to retranscribe any information. Digiteal provides this European QR code to facilitate the payment of everyone. Check out this QR code on www.scan2pay.info.

Enfin, Digiteal vous permet de payer en un click en ne fournissant que votre code pin dans ses applications web et mobile.

How can I download an invoice?

Once in your invoice list, click on the invoice you want to download. The payment information is displayed with the QR code for this invoice.

In the document tab, you find the document of the invoice. Clicking on this document opens a new window and the document is displayed. You can then save this document to your local hard drive.

How can I change my settings?

In the app, click on ‘My Profile’ to access your settings and change them.

How can I search for an invoice?

In the application, click on ‘Invoices’ and then on ‘Search criteria’. The search screen opens. Here you can sort your bills by issuer, period and status.

Is Digiteal also available outside Europe?

Digiteal is based on European standards (EPC QR code, SEPA, PEPPOL, …). Only citizens and companies operating in Europe can use Digiteal.

My bill is not correct, who can I contact?

If you notice any errors related to the content of your invoice, we invite you to contact the issuer of the invoice, that is to say your supplier. His contact information is normally on the document. You can also find them by searching your favorite search engine.

In case of problems with the bill display, please let us know by sending an email to support@digiteal.atlassian.net.

My document is not displayed, what do I do?

When you click on the document, it tries to display in a new internet window. It may be that for security reasons, your internet browser blocks the opening of these windows. You must allow viewing after clicking the document link.

How can I add a provider?

To add a new supplier, you can go to www.scan2pay.info  and check the suppliers in the form provided for this purpose.

How can I link to a supplier?

When you log in to the app and you have the option to link to one of your suppliers, a colored strip appears below the menu. You can then click on the green ‘V’ button to start receiving the next invoices from this supplier in Digiteal.

You can also refuse this possibility by clicking on the red button ‘X’.

How is Digiteal paid for the service provided?

Digiteal gets paid when invoices are being presented and paid in Digiteal. This cost is borne by the issuer of the invoice. Our prices are detailed here.

How long are my documents kept?

All documents are backed up for at least 10 years on Digiteal. This period can be extended, and you can also decide to keep a copy of your documents somewhere else.

Is my software compatible with Digiteal?

As an end user, a simple web browser is enough to access Digiteal.

As a company, you can send your invoices using different software. Go to the integration page to find out about these programs.

If it is not included in the list, do not hesitate to communicate the software that you use for us to be able to contact its distributor; we will determine how to achieve integration with Digiteal.

Our FAQ does not answer your question?